About us

Bella Pilar is a family-run business. We are passionate about what we do; we love quality and good work.  We have combined our experience in the world of business with our passion for wine.

Bella Pilar is the name of our wine brand, into which we have poured all our love and affection. It is a tribute to the women of our family and was created to represent all those free spirits who love to dance, share, play and, above all, enjoy quality time with other people.International expansion is one of the strategic pillars of our business: to provide importers, distributors and the hospitality industry with products of guaranteed quality.

To introduce our Bella Pilar wines into different markets with the aim of establishing a long-term relationship with international commercial partners and turning ourselves into a global solution for importers who want to work with good Spanish wines.

To be an international standard for Spanish wine for all importers and distributors, providing every client with the quality and guarantee of our Bella Pilar brand.

Sustainability, respect for the environment and our social responsibility policy are motivating factors for our employees, clients and consumers. They are also a step forward on our journey to becoming a conscious company and taking responsibility for the impact we have on the planet.